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Thank you for visiting. I created Booples to give parents a biblical alternative to what's out there today in children's Christian videos. Here's what some others are saying about Booples:

I feel God has called me to minister to children through stories - particularly animated stories. I hope these video minister to your children (and you) and would love to hear from you!

Booples videos are Dove approved, Parents' TV Council approved, have won various awards, but most importantly they have ministered to children around the world (read more and keep up with Booples news/blog here).

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Award, Approval and Review Highlights

Dove Approval (review)
-- "helps kids understand the meaning behind the Bible verse while learning to sing a fun song!"

Parents' TV Council Approval (review)
-- "gentle teaching of positive values"

HollywoodJesus.com ("Booples!" review and "Booples 2: Yikity Blar!" review)
-- "Iím not sure I could ask for a more ideal use of film in my childís life."

Booples wins a Telly Award! (details)

Booples named #6 on "Top 10 Christian DVD and Video Series for Children" (details)

Booples on "Smile of a Child" network Tuesdays at 3:30pm CST (Smile of a Child)

More info at Booples blog

Viewer Comments

"Awesome! My kids have learned a message from each video. Keep up the good work."

"Nice. My kid enjoyed it and got the message."

"very cute funny and great because its teaching the bible!"

"The video is great!"

"my son and niece loved the show they were glued to the screen they are three years old and they recognized that the characters mentioned the bible and God so I really want my loved ones to enjoy what they watch and to bring back to their rememberance what i have shared with them and your show did just that. Thank you so much!"

"i love the show."

"I just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I just ordered them, haven't received them yet, but I know my 2 year old will enjoy them. I found out about your site/videos from about.com, after I searched for Christian kids dvds. About.com had a top 10 list, and your videos were listed on it! Thanks again!"

"Oh I am so proud of you for doing Booples. I sent it to everyone I know, grandmothers *which I am one) and mothers of young children."

"thank ypu for this wonderful program to educate our kids about the things of God. God bless you."

"Very awesome and it is very explainatory for Bible Class. God is Love"

"They are wonderful"
Booples animation videos with children's Bible songs are an excellent way to teach your children Bible verses and introduce them to scripture memory. It helps kids understand the meaning behind the Bible verse while learning a fun to sing song! Hiding God's word in a child's heart is a great way to start them off in life. These Bible songs can help!

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